Communication with the Clients and Employees

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You can set up communication between customers and your employees in several ways.

Ways to Communicate:

  • You customers can write message and add files and media in the instant messenger channels, after you set up our built in multichannel features (check setting up Bots section too). They can also write from anywhere within in your app where you add a Chat element.
  • Your customers can write you text messages or send media files relating to a specific Event within the system. For example, you can use Mobsted m-PWA app builder as a mobile service desk for your Telco business and a customer/user submits a complaint that "the internet is not working", then that complaint becomes an Event within our system and both the customer and your business users can text within it and attach files to it. Please refer to the Events section and to the Users and Roles section to set this up correctly.

Please note, that in both of this cases you can use our API to get texts/files incoming from users and put it right into your existing service desk software, that is if you have one and it has an API as well. In other cases you can use or internal Backend to respond to your cusomter and our system will deliver them a message to the exact mobile channel they choose to use. To see this can be done, please refer to our Free Chat section.

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