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Functions within a screen. Can render data from any hashtags. Can override style settings. Can display html code stored in Object’s column when that column is hashtaged in HTML filed of this Element. Can be used to create a fully custom experience on top of basic Mobsted infrastructure.

You can access elements on the screen by Backend Name:

var x = document.getElementsByName("Month");

Or using the hashtags:



  • Backend Name: is used to reference this Element from the other parts of the App. Using Backend Name the value stored in the Element could be printed or it can be called for the logical conditions.
  • Html: paste your HTML code in here.
  • JavaScript: paste your JavaScript in here.
  • Visibility: the default state of the Element, is shown by default, but can be hidden.
  • Conditional Visibility: the condition on which the element would become (un)hidden.
  • Repeat Element: repeat the Element based on the Smart Filter.

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