Why is PWA better?

PWA is the next step in a total "smartphonesation" of our life.

The technology can already cover about 70-80% of all cases of current mobile apps in app stores, and offers drastic improvements in many areas (read on Where PWA is a bad fit).

We can clearly name the following:

  1. One version for all operating systems makes it much cheaper to make and maintain, comparing to native mobile apps, without loosing OS specific user interface dressings.
  2. Does not take much space on already congested smart phones of users, making users more willing to have it.
  3. Does not require updates on user side or keeping up with several app versions on business side (it is close to impossible to update all users to the last app version quickly), - leaving out MBaaS systems costs for managing that complexity and further improving user willingness to have it since there is less hastle with it.
  4. It requires almost no effort by a user to install the app (refer to what is a multichannel PWA), which greatly drives penetration rates into your user base and takes down costs to service these users/customers since way more people could self service themselves right from their pockets.
PWA is a part of cloud applications family, even though it can work without the internet connection in some cases.

Judging by these obvious advantages it becomes apparent that cloud applications in general, and PWA in particular, will win greater and greater share of mobile development due to obvious advantages AND due to further growth on wireless data speeds and of narrowing tech gap between capabilities of a browser and an operating system. As has been happening with desktop applications, like Google docs, Accounting and CRM systems - the mobile ecosystem will also become more and more online.

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