Is it possible to exchange data with CRM or other systems?

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Is Mobsted PWA RESTful?


One of the major part of Mobsted progressive apps making platform is the built in functionality of integration with various external systems. In this article you will find general explanation of ways to exchange data. To learn the details please refer to Automations and to External Data for more detailed info, or if you are a developer you may want to proceed to API section on our site, where REST API generator is located.

General info

Mobsted API is based on REST.

A lot of internal work of the system is done by making the same API calls available for the outside use. Meaning that you can call and manage anything Mobsted has from your outside system, wether it is a CRM, ERP or a simple accounting system.

For example our integration with Intuit's Quickbooks is called and it is a fully ready integration which you can start using within one hour. Also our Visual IVR product has prebuilt connections to CRM systems and IP telephony, which you can also start using within a day.

What can be managed by API

Objects and its data, Events and its data, Applications, Filters, Triggers, various actions within an App, like sending an sms invitation to an AppUser. A full list of methods is available in the API Section.

Pre-built Integrations

All the pre-built integrations can be divided into two types - "system critical" and "business preferable". System critical are for example those that work with instant messengers, which are an essential part of Mobsted multichannel PWA.Business preferable is everything else and can also be divided into 3 main blocks:

  • Communications: like an SMS provider for a specific country
  • Payments: to facilitate the process of adding payment capabilities, like Stripe, Paypal, Braintree, etc.
  • Business data systems: which are very specific to each buisness case

All of these are available in various parts of the Mobsted platform. For example payments are set.

We are constantly working on adding more pre-built integrations with the popular business systems, for example, right now there is work in progress on pre-building connectors to Intuit's Quickbooks and Microsoft Office 365. So all businesses using Mobsted would be able to connect apps to their data even quicker. If you want to pre-built an integration and sell it to certain customers, please connect with us at

It can be also a pre-built Operation to an external system, like MS Office 365, or QuickBooks, or SalesForce. Our team pre-builds these connectors using requests from various businesses and their needs. Please submit your request using and we will respond with possible timing.

Making and using own API connectors

It is very hard to cover so many various products with pre-built connectivity. So we have a way to create your own API operations ONCE and to use these operations as much as necessary within your Mobsted app builder account.

Use _Operations constructor_ to add and save your own connections to external systems. These Operations you create will be available though out your Mobsted Tenant.

If an API request you need to make to your system has several logical steps, due to that API's architecture, you can use our built in API interpreter. Take a case for a car related app where you need to show a list of black Toyota Camrys less than 2 years old.

Often API can work like:

  1. Get all Toyotas
  2. Of that get all Camrys
  3. Of that get all under 2 years
  4. Of that get all black

Which is 4 consecutive API calls and a need to store what came in from the previous steps to make a new selection. For a mobile front it is better to get all at once, when user makes a choice of a black Camry, so our built in interpreter will make one request from a user into 4 requests for the API. This is only opened by request for your system, so please contact us at and ask for the API interpreter.

Another way to integrate is to use API documentation. It is parted into sections based on what it does and can provide you calls needed in most popular web programming languages, so you can choose what suits you the most. If you somehow can not find an API call needed or need to have something that is not on the list, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be glad to help.


There are some pre-built integrations, but are not offered in the system. This integrations are only offered through partnerships with business software makers who complement their current offerings with Mobsted capabilities. In those cases Mobsted with pre-built APIs is only available to business clients through those partners. Examples are real estate management software, systems for HORECA, Ubilling software for utilities or telecom industries, among others. If you are related to a business software with a range of business customers.

We are always opened to discussion of how can Mobsted multichannel mobile tech can add value to any existing software system. We love to partner up with software vendors in various verticals, from billing systems to CRM systems so these systems bring more value to the businesses the serve. You may want to read an article on How Mobsted can be used or just contact us at or in any way fit for you.

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