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Is clickable element which is used for three primary purposes

  • navigating between screens
  • saving user data
  • making API requests


All the Link actions are assigned in the properties of the Link element.

Action Name
Action Description

Go to

redirect AppUser to the selected screen from the dropdown, back to the previous screen or to the external ERL.

Create Event

would create an Event and store it in the Backend along with the data selected using Hashtags (if applicable).

Save to Object column

the data selected using Hashtags would be stored in the particular column of the Object.

Execute Operations

would execute the selected operation on the Button click.

Create Variable

would create a variable on the Button click

Note! You can add multiple actions to the button and they would be executed in the sequence they created.


  • Backend Name: is used to reference this Element from the other parts of the App. Using Backend Name the value stored in the Element could be printed or it can be called for the logical conditions.
  • Caption Button: the string entered to this field would be displayed to the AppUser.
  • Type Button:select the preferred style of the button.
  • Visibility: is shown by default. Hide / Show condition could be set using AND / OR parameters.
  • Loop: repeat the element based on the Smart Filter or API Call.


  • Repeat Element: repeat the Element based on the Smart Filter.


  • Text Styling
  • Margin
  • Padding
  • Borders
  • Corners
  • Background color

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