AppUser Notification Methods

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Now we are moving to the part that comes after the process of creating the App in the Constructor, understanding Smart Filters and Automatization - Communication methods with the future or present AppUser.

Mobsted PWA Platform allows you to work simultaneously with several Channels and based on business objectives, you can choose the optimal way (channel) of communication with the AppUser.

Notification Methods:

There are multiple ways (channels) in Mobsted PWA maker to achieve the goal of delivering the message to the AppUser:

Instant Messengers and Social Networks

Let's take a look at the most popular way or communication at the moment - Instant Messengers and Social Networks.

Mobsted PWA Platform has pre-built integration with such platforms as Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram and VK. Those messengers could be used for sending notifications to the AppUsers and two-way communication with them.

Please check Connecting Bots article for more info.

After connecting bots, you can send and receive text, photo and video messages from your AppUsers. The URL to access the App would be also available from the bot.

You can always use one or multiple bots and other communications channels with the AppUser and the notification regarding the new message would be always sent to the last used communication channel first.

SMS and Email campaigns

Along with Instant Messengers and Social Networks Mobsted PWA Maker provides other methods of communication and penetration - SMS and Email.

Mobsted team suggests using SMS and Email after using Bots and Messengers because Bots and Messengers are free and wider used in recent years.

But, SMS and Email are used as the Primary Invitation method of the AppUser to the App.

We use Mailgun as the primary Email campaign service and it's 1 month free.

Please check this article to learn how to invite AppUsers.

In-browser Push notifications

Mobsted PWA maker extends AppUser engagement by sending Push notifications to a mobile device.

Push notifications are available in Chrome and are about to be released in Safari.

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