The cost of development of PWA using Mobsted is not significantly cheaper than the native development

Updated 9 months ago by Mobsted Support L

Let's consider 5 points that make the cost of the App: business analysis, system analysis, design, integration and backend development.

Mobsted Platform have simplified and automated 3 out of 5 points above:

  • Integration. Time spent on integration process is significantly reduced thanks to visual tools for API integrations and connecting the user interface to them. We have pre-built API Constructor to connect to the external systems, REST API, and the logic of using hashtags, that is used to for API Operations calls.
  • Backend. There is no need to code the backend with Mobsted. It is pre-built and stores all the data and actions performed by the user in the application so, there is no need to buy any additional MBaaS.
  • Design. Flexible visual constructor helps you to build the visual part of the Apps much fasted and avoid coding. Custom HTML, CSS and JS is also supported.

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