Text Input

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Screen front-end element that allows user inputting free style text.


  • Backend Name: is used to reference this Element from the other parts of the App. Using Backend Name the value stored in the Element could be printed or it can be called for the logical conditions.
  • Placeholder: This is what user sees until typing into this field. Can contain hashtag reference.
  • Default Value: the default integer or string that the field would keep. would be stored in the backend of the system only and would not be displayed to the AppUser unless specified in the Placeholder.
  • Visibility: is shown by default. Hide / Show condition could be set using AND / OR parameters.
  • Loop: repeat the element based on the Smart Filter or API Call.


  • Typography
  • Margin
  • Padding
  • Borders
  • Corners
  • Background Color

For beginners If you want to learn more about Margin, Padding and other styling of the HTML elements, use CSS quick guide.

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