Set up VK bot

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To create and manage VK bots, you must have a Community created (group, event or public page).

1) Go to;

2) Go to your community (if you do not already have a Community, then create it, go to the Groups section for this);

3) In the community settings (section Manage) select "Messages";

4) Enable Community messages;

5) Using the “Add to the left menu” setting you can add your VK-bot to the left menu of your Community;

6) In the Greeting window, enter the message that will be sent automatically when the user first opens the dialog with the community;

7) Press "Save";

8) Navigate to "Bot settings" in the menu on the right;

9) Enable Bot abilities;

10) Press Save;

11) Go to Settings section;

12) Go to Api usage;

13) On the "Access tokens" tab, click the "Create token" button;

14) Define the rights for the new access token and click "Create";

15) Confirm your action with the form popped up;

16) If these steps are successfully completed, the "Access Token" will be created to access your bot via the API. Copy the "Access Token" to the clipboard;

17) Go to the VK bot setup page on the Mobsted platform;

18) Fill in the “Bot Name” fields (enter your bot's unique identifier - ”group_id”) and “Token” and click “Save”;

19) Copy the "Webhook-address" to the clipboard;

20) Go to the VK bot setup page, the "Callback API" / "Event types" tab;

21) In the list, check the checkboxes: Incoming messages, Outgoing messages, Edit messages, Add photos, Add video; Adding entries to the wall; Add a comment on the wall; add discussion; Joining the community; Leaving the community;

22) Go to "Callback API" / "Server settings" tab;

23) In the “Address” field, enter the Webhook address from the Mobstead page, select 5.87 in the drop-down menu in the “API Version” menu, enter text in the “Secret key” field (any string up to 50 characters) and click the “Save” button (under this field );

24) Copy the confirmation string to the clipboard (highlighted green on the screenshot);

25) Go to the VK bot setup page on the Mobsted platform;

26) In the “Answer code Bot Confirmation” field, enter the line to confirm, in the Bot Secret field, enter the data from the “Secret key” field;

27) Press "Save";

28) Go to the "Callback API" / "Server settings" tab and press "Confirm";

29) After the confirmation click "Add server".

Your VK bot is ready to use.

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