Invitation & Notification of the AppUser

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The fifth step of the App creation process is Invitation & Notification of the AppUser.

As soon as you finish working on creating your App in Constructor, you should consider the best way for you to invite new AppUsers, as well as determine how you will send notifications to them.

Mobstead PWA maker provides a flexible AppUsers Invitation and Notification settings mechanism.


How to Invite

There are multiple ways you can invite the AppUser to the App:

  • By selecting Email, a personal link (InviteUrl) is sent to the email address that was specified in the corresponding Object field.
  • By selecting SMS, a personal link (InviteUrl) is sent to the phone number that was specified in the corresponding Object field.
  • Both (Email and SMS), a personal link (InviteUrl) is sent to the phone number and email address that were specified in the corresponding Object fields.
  • QR code can be printed and placed in a place that is accessible to potential AppUsers, for example: in the office of your company, on a payment receipt or in the media.
  • The URL is generated for each object individually and is used to log into the application..

In the future, you can go back and change the way AppUsers are invited.

Whom to Invite

After selecting the Invitation method, determine who will be invited:

  • Only Objects - invitations will be generated for all available Objects.
  • Only Servicers - if you want to send an invitation to the Servicers, use this setting (learn more at Users and Roles).
  • Both (Objects and Servicers)
  • Autoregistration Objects - would generate the URL that would be the same for everyone - such link could be placed on the website, the receipt or the media.

When sending an Invite to an Object, you can specify on which screen they would see when they enter the App for the first time.

Filtering Out Objects

The next step will allow you to determine which of the available Objects you need to send an invitation and the Filter will help you with this.

  • If you have not sent invitations yet, then select All and all currently available objects will be invited.
  • To invite objects that have never opened the App, select the Never logged in option.
  • If you have already invited part of your objects (AppUsers), then you can send invitations to objects that have not been previously invited, for this, select Not Invited
  • There are cases when the sent invitation was not delivered to the Object, in this case you can try again by selecting Invited with error.

The configuration of the Invitations is completed, now you can invite AppUsers to your App — click on the Invite Now button and in the appeared window confirm the action, or Cancel.

To generate a QR code or URL, click on the Generation button.


While using Mobsted platform you might need to send Notifications to the AppUser. For this, a multi-level notification system is provided for in the Mobsted PWA maker.

Mobsted PWA platform provides the following Notification channels:

  • SMS
  • Email
  • Push
    • In-browser push
    • Facebook Messenger
    • Viber
    • Telegram
    • VK

You can choose and customize the order Notification channels will be used.

For example, you can send notifications to your AppUsers using any of the messengers AppUser previously connected, then if the message wasn't read within an hour the Email would be sent, if the email was not read within 10 minutes, then send an SMS to a mobile phone.

To do this, select Push as the first channel, set the timeout in the corresponding field to 600 seconds, select Email as the second channel and then select SMS as the last one.

You can always Disable the channel you are not planning to use.

When using multiple notification delivery channels, we recommend setting a timeout for each channel. The timeout allows to track the delivery status of the notification, if the notification is successfully delivered to the AppUser, then another channel will not be used. The custom timeout can be set for each channel of Notifications separately.

Due to the fact that SMS in most services is a paid service, it is possible to limit the length of the sent message to 1 sms, to do this, check the check box in the Truncate text to 1 sms.

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