How to fulfill the App?

Updated 11 months ago by Mobsted Support L

This is a very wide subject for a discussion. If you are uncertain about what you need in your business's mobile app, then maybe you are not ready to invest resources? Despite that PWA making platform, like Mobsted, can save a whole lot of hustle on the way, it is still a project to be managed and worked with.

The fastest ways to find out what can be done for your company are:

  1. Ask us! Just fill in this form on our website and we will have somebody get back to you for a conversation. This way you will quickly tap into the expertise of our community.
  2. You can look for an existing Apps in app stores for a businesses close to yours.

You can also perform standard discovery procedures like focus groups and brainstorming with your employees and/or your customers, which can create lots of ideas of things that may seem important, but please remember that in software only the actual usage and testing will tell.

In general you must only look for a few most important things in order not to overload your app with lots of noise. Please remember that smart phone screen is always in the most intimate space around a person and there is no forgiveness from users for overloading them. To get those few points you may want to do some minor statistics on the actual amount of various interactions you do with your customers and mobilize these first. For example, if you get 50% of calls asking for a delivery date, 15% of requests of a current balance and 25% of calls making orders and 2% of calls for change of delivery date - that means you only start with the 2-3 most important issues. When you get it right on mobile, then go for the next cohort.

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