Set up Viber bot

Updated 1 month ago by Mobsted Support L

To be able to create and manage bots in Viber, you must have a public Viber account.

1) Go to;

2) Log in, create an account if necessary;

3) Click "Create Bot Account";

4) Fill in required fields; (in the URI field, specify your bot's unique identifier (ID), it may differ from the account name)

5) Click "Create";

6) The account was created. Click "Copy" to copy token to the clipboard;

7) Go to the Viber bot setup page in the Mobsted platform;

8) Fill in "Bot Name" (use ID from URI field) and "Token" fields;

9) Click "Save"

10) In Viber navigate to the "Public" management and enable "Visibility" It takes about 5-10 minutes to set up the Bot

Your Viber bot is ready to use.

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