Who can help with PWA making?

Code vs Codeless

When you are not using any platforms to build PWA applications you will need general full stack web developer to achieve your results. Using tools, such as Mobsted makes creating a PWA or m-PWA application relatively easy and does not require programming knowledge for the most part. In a sense Mobsted is similar to Word Press and alike, but for m-PWA apps and mobile user interactions.

What to look for in project people

Depending on the complexity of the app you will either need a business person with good analytical skills, or a systems administrator or a full stack web developer.

Using Built in Tools

A business person with good analytical skills or a general administrator of office IT systems might also suffice if you need create a solution of simple to average complexity, mostly using built into Mobsted PWA maker elements and pre-built in API calls and pre-integrations. Please refer to an article about pre-integrations.

Adding Custom Work

If you need to produce a complex solution or add some special controls to your PWA app - you will need a person with HMTL, CSS or Java Script or PHP knowledge. Please refer to how to add custom code to your app. Same goes for custom integration with outside API systems - you will need a developer to connect the systems together, which is relatively easy with Mobsted, please refer to an article on What is an Operation.

So basically, there are several ways to go about creating your mobile PWA system, and our team can also help if you already have a well described technical requirements, you may just forward it to us at support@mobsted.com

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