Automatic execution of actions at the time specified

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You might have a lot of clients and interaction with everyone requires a lot of time and a large staff.

Imagine that, for technical reasons, your office cannot accept Clients today, and meetings have already been scheduled, needs to be canceled or postponed. In the regular case you need to call everyone and warn you that the meeting has been canceled or postponed to another day or to another place. It would take quite a time.

Emailing everyone might be the option, but ONLY 10% of the employees check their email at least once in an hour.

Mobsted PWA maker allows you to solve this problem by sending a notification to the whole batch of people on the mobile phone (SMS, messenger or social network) or email. To do this, you need one person and about 5-15 minutes of his time.

Automation in Mobsted PWA maker works as follows:

  1. an Event occurs that you need (Meeting cancellation in our case)
  2. this Event "hits" in Filter called "meeting cancelled" that the platform user would create
  3. Trigger initiates the execution of one or several Operations - Notifying the participants in our case
  4. Operations are performed (API requests to pre-installed or third-party services).

Automatic actions can interact both with already integrated services in Mobsted and with third-party services (SMS or Email distribution, instant messengers and social networks, payment systems, as well as other services that provide API interaction capabilities).

This is a model of the work of the Automation system in general, a detailed discussion of each of the steps described is presented in the Automation section.

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