How to distribute the PWA App to your Clients and Employees?

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There are several different ways to distribute your m-PWA application. We can separate these into online and offline ways.

Online ways to distribute m-PWA application.

  • Putting up a widget on your website: that will detect which operating system and browser is being used and suggest an optimal route to save the app with only few screen taps;
  • Delivering an SMS message with a private link to a user which serves two goals (please check Invitation & Notification of the AppUser):
    • phone number confirmation and user acquisition, since the link also leads to the same widget as above
    • guiding a user to save the App
  • From social networks: where you can put up a link in your ads or on you page
  • Any type of online advertising: by putting the widget on a landing page
  • Email campaigns
  • Search engines: which will see contents of your App.

Offline ways to distribute m-PWA application.

  • QR codes: on all your print materials with either a unique QR (if you deliver a paper invoice in a closed envelope, then a private QR can be used) or a QR leading to a self registration form.
  • IP telephony integration: for example on each missed phone call, sending a link to a self service mobile application, which is described in Online above

So you can use one, two or all options to get the best PWA app distribution possible, depending on you business case and business goals.

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