Select Basic

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Allows hiding a big list of options until user clicks the element by showing the options as a dropdown menu.

By default the element reports first option line, which is already selected. Only one option can be selected.

  • Backend Name: is used to reference this Element from the other parts of the App. Using Backend Name the value stored in the Element could be printed or it can be called for the logical conditions.
  • Options: the list of options that would be available for the AppUser to choose from.
    • Label: This text the AppUser would see on the screen for this particular option.
    • Value: Is used in case you want to store the value different from the Label of the option in the BackendFor example: he Option Label might say "I like it", and in the Value you might store "AppUser likes it".
  • Visibility: is shown by default. Hide / Show condition could be set using AND / OR parameters.
  • Loop: repeat the element based on theSmart Filteror API Call.


  • Margin
  • Padding
  • Borders
  • Corners
  • Background color

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