How to set up payment methods in the App?

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It is a natural extension of many mobile cases to work work with payments. Mobsted offers ways to accept online payments.

Built in payments

This is simplest way to start taking payments. Mobsted has pre-built elements in it's Constructor to set up online payments. It is a simple button, which you drag to your screen and point it to where to get amounts from (Stripe element as an example). Depending on your country and on the solution you may have the two choices:

  • Register by yourself with one of the pre-integrated payment service providers, like Stripe or Braintree, and the button Stripe you drag on the screen will use your payment account with, for example Stripe, to process payments. Please refer to _Payments setup_ article.
Please note - Mobsted has ZERO access to your payments or processing and all issues are worked on directly with the payment service provider.
  • Provide your recipient accounts to Mobsted or its channel partners to get instant access to payments with no extra steps. This option is available through channel partners for now and only for some industry vertical solutions. In this case payment getaways are already fully pre-set. Connect with us at if you have a solution you want to take the mobile payments from.

Your own API calls

You can also set up API operation to work with almost any other payments service provider. This does require deeper IT skills to accomplish. After you create the operation, you may hook it to any standard button in the Constructor, and it will call upon payment API of your choosing.

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