PWA technology is pretty new, some features are not available on Anrdoid / iOS, what can we do?

Updated 9 months ago by Mobsted Support L

First of all, we need to understand that PWA is more the set of principles that work within the browser capabilities.

We have two topics to discuss in here:

  • Hardware access. As of now browsers don't have access to NFC and 3D Touch. But on the other hand, they DO have access to files, camera, geolocation, bluetooth, Apple Pay, Google Pay, g-sensors. This should be enough to cover most of the needs of the Apps.

  • Offline Mode. Regular PWA manifests don't even mention the principles that were solved in Mobsted, such as: work in offline mode, authorization, history storage and files. The browser engine does not provide full access and software binding to all features of the device. With the advent of new hardware capabilities, first of all, the native binding is implemented, giving full control over the control. A good example here is TapticEngine, the vibration feedback mechanism that first appeared with the iPhone 7 model and is still unavailable for PWA.

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