Guaranteed Smart Delivery

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What is Guaranteed Smart Delivery

Communication is almost always the key element of any mobile application or service. For example, message delivery. Modern AppUsers who need righteousness and convenience and a business spurred on by a highly competitive environment and information overload of their audience all have their own requirements for message delivery. This is how should it happen:

  • Fast for the Business
  • Convenient and not too intrusive for the AppUsers
  • For the minimum fee for the Business
  • With a clear view of the result - whether the message is delivered or not for the Business and AppUsers

A delivery mechanism that guarantees all these conditions is called “Guaranteed Smart Delivery” and is created and released by Mobsted.

This is how Guaranteed Smart Delivery works:

  • The AppUser agrees to receive notifications using such communication channels as: sms, push, email, and instant messengers.
  • Mobsted Platform sorts notification delivery methods based on user convenience, shipping costs, and speed
  • The Notifications are delivered in the selected sequence for each user, moving from one to another if the previous notification channel didn't work, until the message is delivered

For example: Mobsted Platform can send the notification to the bot first and if it wasn't read within 4 hours, it would drop an email and if an email wasn't opened within a day it would send a text message.

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