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Screen is the key element of Constructor which represents an app screen. It works as a container for Constructor elements.


Screen Name: the name of the screen which is displayed in the list of screens bar. You can change it by clicking PEN icon on the Screen in the Screen List in the bottom of the page.


Use when you need to perform any of the platform actions on a screen load. Possible Actions are:

  • Go to: navigate to the screen within the app or to the external URL
  • Scroll to: top or bottom
  • Create Event: created event will be stored in the Backend
  • Save to Object column: selected value will be stored in specified Object column
  • Execute Operations: call an API
  • Set Variable: allows to use the data and pass it to different screens, change it or track the activity of app users.

Please refer to React to user actions and Operations articles for more info on user actions.


The styling set up is applied to the whole screen. Margin and Padding are applied to all the elements on the screen.

  • Margin - will set up margin for all elements added to the screen
  • Padding - will set up padding for all elements added to the screen
  • Background Color - set the color to appear on the Background of the screen
  • Background Image - set the image to appear on the Background of the screen


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