Work with the data you need

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Mobsted PWA maker provides the ability to work with different types of data, one part of the data can be used in solving your business problems, while another part of the data can be stored or transmitted to third-party systems for further processing.

From AppUsers and third-party systems (for example, interacting via API with your CRM, ERP, etc.) we can receive text data, photos, video and audio data, geo-location data (if the AppUser gives access).

We can transfer the received data from the Third-party system to the AppUser as well, for example, it can be the start and end dates of repair work in the residential complex, the delivery time of the goods or the payment amount for the service, and much more.

We can also transfer data from the AppUser to third-party systems, these can be Apps, questions from the customers, data from counters in an apartment building, and so on.

Based on the received text data, the Mobsted PWA maker allows you to select data, analyze the received data, perform Automatic actions, send notifications.

Photo, video and audio data are mainly used in addition to text data and can be used by the System Administrator to confirm received text data (for example: when sending an operational application for cleaning the territory, the Customer can attach a photo of detected garbage).

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