Is PWA app downloaded or installed in any way?

No more downloading

With the PWA system there is no need to download anything. That is a major benefit of PWA approach. The application mostly works from the cloud using web technologies. It does take a robust communication channel, as do most of mobile apps we use daily. So essentially the process is seamless and requires no extra actions on user's side.

Offline mode

Also some parts of an application can be used offline, depending on how you setup your application in Mobsted PWA maker.

Seamless user acquisition

Another major benefit to "no downloads" approach - seamless and fast user acquisition from the web to your mobile progressive app. For example, you can set up a widget on your webpage, which allows user only two-three taps to get the app, instead of finding it in an appstore, waiting for download, locating it on a smartphone, opening it, registering in it. Just 2-3 screen taps away, instead of tens of actions for a native application. Please check "How to distribute a PWA app?" for more info.

No more forgotten updates

Another major benefit of "no downloads" is that it also means "no updates". Ever. The app is always up to date. Mobsted platform automatically delivers the latest version of the interface and all within to all users, every time.

This new m-PWA approach to mobile app making - multichannel & without downloads or appstores, brings a major breakthrough in a hunt for user base penetration for great many businesses.

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