How and where to use Mobsted PWA Apps

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Mobsted system can be applied to solve a wide variety of mobile cases. In general Mobsted m-PWA system gives very high penetration into your mobile user base at the fraction of the money to make and support a native application for Apple and Google stores.

The highest value from the m-PWA approach is derived when -

  • A business already knows why and how it wants to service users/customer in their mobiles - whats value is there in mobilizing their user base
  • A business has lots and lots of customers who relatively regularly may use businesses' service or visit its website - from thousands to tens millions a month
  • It is very difficult to get people to install the app from an app store, as it is non-critical to people's daily lives any sense, so it is not a social network or a messenger, or an app for employees - mobile penetration is under 10% of the user base

When all these are true the m-PWA approach is THE ONLY WAY TO MOBILE.

The following industry verticals are good fitting examples for the m-PWA, when a mobile app for customers is the goal:


- Utilities, like power, water/sewage, gas, cleaning etc.

The m-PWA system provides - simplicity to get into people's phones to get back meters with photos, automatic push notification of payments needed into a selected messenger, the collection of data of user behavior to perform big data analysis, for example for smart debt collection.

- Telecom, wireless and fixed

The m-PWA system provides a customer account app, which is extremely easy to get, without any download or authorization hassle, where a customer can - make payments, change tariffs, receive notifications, turn on and off special paid for add-ons, like speed boosts. Customer service within the app is also important here - get the notification and confirm the time of a service worker visit, chat with the office and create a ticket for a problem, without calling anyone.

- Real estate management

This kind of approach is a good fit for servicing families/tenants at an apartment complex and for business tenants in office buildings and retail real estate. M-PWA is the easiest way to deliver your mobile app into mobiles of your customers. Most of the times you will need an integration with your existing backend system to sync tenant lists and other information, please contact us with your software name to start an integration conversation or use our API section to integrate your self.

- Insurance

The m-PWA making system is capable of handling both claims and insurance prolongations. WIth timely notifications, payment options, and anti-fraud measures, for example getting g-sensors data, or just-taken picture or video (not from a file) or geo-fencing, or fingerprint signatures.

- Online commerce (e-commerce)

This is a hugely important use case of m-PWA apps. On one hand, the right PWA approach improves sales at around 20%. But how many people actually want an icon of a webshop on their phones? Do you want your friends to see the icons of your favourite shops? Very very few do. In our experience ability to have an access to your account and a shopping cart from an icon is less important compared to the same ability for instant messengers. It is simple - a shops' entry is there, but is somewhere down below. Nobody sees it and it is still very easy to scroll down to.

Please sign up for our messaging list to get informed of existing and upcoming integrations with e-commerce systems.

- Offline Retail

The best use cases for m-PWA are mostly related to loyalty/membership systems and notifications of special offers. Since it is simple to install in a form of an icon or of a messenger channel, users/customers are way more likely to consent to be informed of their loyalty points and special offers relating to their shopping habits. For example, you can select all people who like a strawberry jelly in your backend and make an API call from your system to Mobsted with just user IDs to notify all these people that it goes on sale for a limited time. Mobsted will automatically select a mobile channel to use for the notification.

- Medical centers (both people and pets)

Basic use cases are - multichannel notification that a user has an appointment today, including the ability to change time and date of a visit. Taking payments from visitors, including monthly billing programs and debt collections. Having a text/photo/video conversations with a doctor with all the history recorded in a Backend. Sending important reminders, like need to come for an additional visit, with the ability to auto track if a message was opened and to re-send it into another mobile channel

-Sport and Wellness centers

Multichannel progressive web apps are great for memberships apps. Use cased include - making payments and changing a payment plan, notification of changes in a timetable, of marketing and loyalty building events, sales of special offer items.

- Restaurants

There has been so many aggregator projects and apps done for this subset of businesses that nobody can ever suggest anything new here. Except - the main reason restaurants need the m-PWA is because it will be their own customer, not some aggregator's customer who goes to another place the next time if an aggregator app wishes so.

- Pawn shops and collectors

There is a law in some countries requiring these kind of businesses to offer a clear and easy to understand the picture of what, when and how much does their customer needs to pay. People don't have personal computers, a smartphone is the best place to go, but only the m-PWA approach can deliver app installs in this case. We know of 1% or less customer install rates in this cases, where we deliver 10-15 times more.

- Shipping, delivery, and logistics

It is a great idea for this kind of business to connect itself to the multichannel progressive web app system to allow recipients to save an access to their accounts quick and easy. Also, these businesses often choose to deliver mobile Push notifications of goods moving through delivery points, to receive back a confirmation of goods devilled in order or to instantly receive a problem from a customer with photo and video proof.

- Hospitality and travel agencies

Mobsted m-PWA is a good fit in a goal to take some power back from huge online operators and aggregators. Letting people effortlessly save access to their loyalty and booking systems on smartphones means more customers will order directly. Add things like room service on a mobile and localized recommendations or food and places of interest and customers are most likely to use your hotel the next time, too. Sending a reservation or an itinerary right into customer's smartphones is also important, as it will be easily found when the time comes.

- General Business (B2B)

There are many other cases where orders are taken from customers on their smartphones. The is a business making plastic bottles for custom beer makers taking orders and payments. There is a layover filling their timetable and taking payments. Basically, our Contractor system lets business switch away from faxes and emails to mobile apps. We provide the tools to get your system into customers' phones. You decide what needs to be done there.

Another HUGE block of applications is - Apps for Employees

Even though penetration is not such an issue here, as you can make your employees install anything you need, but the costs to make and support a mobile solution is also of great importance.

Many businesses are looking into making an application for the internal business process, for example, to confirm a budget spending request. This can be done with the PWA builder. We also know the use-case where a business makes a sort of "employee account" application. The purpose is to treat an employee like a customer and save time and money on mundane operations, like change a facility status, of an address, or to place a request for IT help or request time off, or a vacation or etc etc etc. There are some countries where 25+ various employee-to-business relationships tasks can be automated using a mobile making system. Basically any system, it is just that the m-PWA builder from Mobsted is just quicker, more versatile and way more powerful than anything else out there.

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