App distribution

PWA Apps are distributed via links. Installation and app usage rates of PWA are 5-7 times higher, comparing to native Apps.

PWA Apps built on Mobsted allows to personalize the App. Each App User will get a unique link to access the App. With the personalized link distribution approach authorization can be turned off. Once App User clicks the link, they can get access to their personal data, settings and protected app immediately. Account balance info for instance.

If extra security is needed, App User may be asked to confirm their identity. This can be done by entering one-time authorization code received as the text message or over the email.

Links can also be represented in the form of QR-codes. QR codes are useful when it comes to offline products. For example: printed QR - code can be placed on the printer. Each printer will have a unique QR - code. If the printer is paper out, the employee can scan the QR - code and launch the App. From there they can submit the claim to paper fill.
Ways of App Distribution


QR - codes

  • Link widget on the website / landing page: it will automatically detect which operating system and browser is being used and suggest an optimal route to save the app with only few screen taps
  • Link in the text message or email: App User will receive the link and with one-tab action will launch the App. Will work for campaigns too
  • Social networks: where you can put up a link in your ads or on you page
  • Search engines: Mobsted PWA Apps can be indexed by search engines
  • PPC
  • Links in Video: YouTube, Vimeo, etc.,
  • QR-code in the offline distribution methods: QR - code can be placed on any kind of print material:
    • Invoice: the unique QR - code scanned will lead user to the billing page with the basic info - such as amount and date - pre-filled
    • Marketing Materials: QR - code will lead to the website page or the registration form

  1. Go to Security section under Application tab

  1. In the Who can access this service section make sure that have either Anyone without registration or Anyone after registration and authentication selected
  2. in the Common Access Link section you will find copyable short link. QR code will be available after clicking Show QR Code button

Each App User will receive the unique link via the preferred channel.

  1. Navigate to Objects section
  2. Select all the Objects you want to send message to
  3. Click Message button at the bottom right corner
  4. In the Text field enter the message.
  5. Add #Object:InviteUrl# Hashtag from the panel on the left
  6. In Choose How to Send section make sure that SMS method is checked
  7. Click Send

Check Smart Delivery article to get more info on how it works.

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