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Event is the record in the Backend. It can be created on the following actions:

This new record can contain any data you wish to be stored in it.

How to create a click Event

  1. Select "Actions" in the Properties of the Single Button / Link / Image
  2. Click "Create Event"
  3. Fill in the table: "Key" is the name of the field and "Value" is the parameter. The Parameter can be a static string or Hashtag reference.
  4. Click "Save"

Where to find an Event Created

Navigate to the Backend of the platform, the new row was created that contains all the info on the Event - its Key and the Value. If you click on the Event you will see it.

Reading Events

Click on Event to open up its details.

The pop-up displays data saved to event during creation and app state snapshot data for that moment.

Event pop-up contains following info:

  1. The servicer who is responsible for this event. The servicer will receive the notifications on the new Events of this kind. Services is able to change status of the Event. If the event doesn't require any servicer involved, the field will be blank.
  2. The current Status of the event. The status can be tracked by using filters. Click here to learn more on Statuses.
  3. Location of the of the device when the event was created.
  4. The info on the current event. It contains all the information that was passed in the form of Key and Value pairs.
  5. Files if any file was attached event using the file element.
  6. The metadata on the Object like which browser he used to access the app, which version of operating system, etc.
  7. The information about the Object that this event applies to. This is used for convenience purposes to avoid the need to navigate back and forth between Backend and the Objects tabs.
  8. Chat block. Using this block the Servicer can communicate with the Object regarding this particular event. For the AppUser the chat will be available from the App and will also have dialog view. Is also accessible from instant messengers and social networks, if they are connected.

Working with Events using API Calls

In order to Create / Update / Delete an Event using API Request you should do the following:

  1. Get Access token -
  2. Create / Update / Delete the Event -

Good and Almost Good Practices

Events are mostly used when you want to submit some dynamic data.

Good Use

Could be Better

You have a "Submit a complain form" with some dropdowns or text inputs as well the button to submit the complain. Since one AppUser can submit multiple complains, it's is good idea to create an event for the button press and store the data from the dropdown and text input in this Event.

You have a "Enter your personal info form" asking the AppUser for the name and DOB. Creating an Event for the button to submit the info entered is redundant since this info is static and will be probably asked only when the AppUser opens the App for the first time.

Perform actions on Events

Events can be tracked by filters. Using filters combined with triggers allows to set up the rules to perform actions on the Events. Please refer to Triggers article for more info.

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