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In this section, we will take a look at the tools that would allow you to execute automatic actions (API Calls) on the Events. The Event could be: a button press or a Trigger on the Smart Filters.

Step by step guide

For example: we want to send the Text message when the new Object is added. Let's break this examples into the logical steps:

  • First of all, we would need to create Smart Filter that would store all the Objects that we have, We could want send SMS the new Object that also have the Phone Number field filled. So in the Conditions of the Filter we would put something like: Phone is set.
  • Next, we want to set up API Providers. API Provider is the part of the system that includes: API Provider Method and API Keys.
API Provider Method is the API request (call) to the external service to perform some action.
API Key is the key for the authentication on the third - party service. Without an API Key the API Provider Method would not be able to reach to the third-party service with the request.
  • Next, we need to create an Operation.
  • After Operation is created we are going back to the Filter we created before and in the filter we creating Trigger that would run on the new Objects only.

that's it!


Mobsted PWA Maker Automation includes:

  • Trigger to track the conditions under which you must perform one or a series of actions
  • Actions that will be automatically performed when the Trigger detects the required condition are called Operations
  • Operations are performed using the API requests for third-party or pre-installed services OR to the Mobsted platform itself, and the API Provider, API Provider Method and API Keys are used to configure the Mobsted API requests.

Perform Automation configuration in the following order:

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