Registration & Security

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Registration & Security

After creating the App in the Constructor (Step 3 in Mobsted PWA maker) we are moving on to the next step which is less volumetric but not less important: Registration & Security (Step 4).

Who can access this service:

This step allows you to determine whom the App will be available to and the ways to ensure the App is secure.

Let's take a look at the options available:

  • Anyone without registration: the App could be used by anyone who has URL - link to access the App.
  • Anyone after registration and authentication: the App will be available to anyone who will have a URL - link to access the App, but the access would be granted only after the AppUser passes one of the selected authentication options.
  • Only those added by me: you can use this option if you want to provide the private and personal access for the AppUsers. Every AppUser would get unique URL - link to access the App, but still the user would have to authenticate to confirm identity.

If you chose the access level of "Anyone without registration" or "Anyone after registration and authentication", you would be able to see the Common Access Link (short link to the App) appearing on the top left as well as the QR code of the App.

User Authentication

Now let's move on to the AppUser Authentication methods and the the details of each of them. Mobsted PWA making platform supports two basic authentication methods which are available in the How to authenticate who is login in section.

  • Email: the AppUser needs to enter the Email address to which the one-time access code will be sent.
  • SMS: the AppUser would be asked to enter the Phone Number to which one-time access code would be sent. The AppUser would need to enter it to the required field in the PWA App to get the access to the App.

The need for identification with each access to the App or one-time only you can determine in the below setting.

Authenticate Identity

  • Only on first login: check if you decide that one-time authentication of the user is enough for using the App.
  • Every login: if checked, the AppUser would authenticate in the App every time the App is launched in the way described above.

Advanced Security Settings

We believe that by combining the listed Registration and Security settings you can sufficiently secure your App. However, in the Mobsted PWA maker, we can offer an even higher level of security with advanced settings.

  • PIN code: the use of a personal PIN code by the AppUser at each entry into the Application will significantly increase security, to enable the "PIN code" function, just mark it in the corresponding check box.
  • Geolocation: you can also use this setting and restrict the access to the App by making a point on the map and selecting the radius in which the App would be accessible.
  • IP - address: add the subnet mask to restrict the App to be accessible for the AppUsers within the certain network.

All three security methods could be combined together between each other.

You can also set up the max number of logins for each AppUser by inputing the integer into the corresponding field.

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