How to communicate with the AppUser?

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How to communicate with the AppUser?

There are several ways to communicate with AppUsers in your system. You can divide these into self service automatic and conversational communication.

Automatic ways

This is basically the main purpose of any application - to let users to receive or input information in a self service manner, and without any additional resources on your side. The beauty of PWA system is that it allow great many people to easy access the app and make use of it. To create perfect conditions for this "automatic" back and forth communication, for example for a cusomter self service application, you must study what are the most frequent operations between a company and cusomter. Then it is just a matter of an easy to understand user interface with a combination of visual icons and correct texts to get things to app users and from them ASAP. To achieve this you will need a step called Constructor of the Mobsted PWA building platform.

Another example is automatic messaging and notifications. For example, the system cab send user a notification that an invoice is past due. To achieve these you need to set up automatic Filters to select who falls under conditions needed, like "an invoice is past due" and Triggers to invoke actions with these filtered out results.

Conversational communication

App users can send you text messages or media files through built into Mobtsed platform chat functionality and you can also answer them with text and files. This can be done either within a mobile messenger on user's side, if it is connected as a part of your multichannel progressive web app system. There is an event called Free Chat. All messages that are not connected to an Event appear into this Free Chat entity. You can filter out these events in a Backend and see if there are incoming messages from app users and answer them with built in chat window.

As you noticed a Chat capability is also a part of an Event. That means that a conversation can be connected to a specific subject for AppUser's and your own convenience. For example, if you app is used by tenants of an apartment complex and the AppUser submits a request to fix electricity, that means an Event is created. You can do great many things with this event, including converse with the AppUser on issues of the electricity failure and set people responsible for the event on your side.

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