Analyze the data received from the clients

Updated 10 months ago by Mobsted Support L

There are several types of data which you get from AppUsers (your clients) thanks to the App:

  • You get what they enter into the app's interface fields
  • You track what they DO or DON'T DO in your app

The first point refers to interface inputted data such as name, address, phone number, a number of items, photo/video upload, and many others. This is what your AppUsers see in the GUI interface of the App and that is what you set up in the Constructor. For every click that is made in the App, you can create an Event. Such kind of Events are all automatically stored at the Backend of your system and can be analyzed and processed using Backend tools. You can use Filters to segment and study your data. For example, you can select all who live in New York and have dropped a shopping cart with a box of chocolate 10 days ago. Then you can use Triggers to perform a specific action - in our case we want to send these people a Push notification, that this specific type of chocolate just went on sale as a limited offer.

You can also exchange data back and forth via API calls to any system you have, including getting data from filters and launching triggers using outside calls. Please research our API section for this.

The Second type of data is tracking your users' actions. Meaning the system creates Events, just like above, so you can use the same tools (Filters and Triggers), to see the facts of actions taken. For example, you can record a fact of an image pressed, button pressed, etc.

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