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Is locked to the very top of the screen. Is used to arrange various elements on the screen and place them into rows beside each other. Can contain any number of columns.


  • Backend Name: is used to reference this Element from the other parts of the App. Using Backend Name the value stored in the Element could be printed or it can be called for the logical conditions.
  • Visibility: is shown by default. Hide / Show condition could be set using AND / OR parameters.
  • Loop: repeat the element based on the Smart Filter or API Call.
  • Columns: click each column to set up its' style and appearance.


  • Margin
  • Padding
  • Borders
  • Corners
  • Background Color (image can be used too). To have gradient paste the code into the input for the background image.
Note: if you adjust the width for the one column to 30%, the second column would not become 70% automatically, you would need to manually change it.

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